Wish upon a star, in Hiroshima

Coaching from Sub-Zero for post-pandemic / Session 5, Spring 2023

Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa
3 min readMay 22, 2023
Credit; Masahiro Okada at Nakagawa Zemi

My parents are Isahaya, Nagasaki origin, and my late father’s factory where he worked from his secondary school was off on 9th August 1945 and watched a huge atomic bomb flash over the hill, otherwise, I may not be born then. As a graduate of junior high and high school in Hiroshima, maybe my observation over last weekend would be very emotional, rather than non-biased.

But moreover, I have got a message from Masahiro, who is 1 ki of Nakagawa Zemi and works as a taxi driver in Kyoto, with remarkable photos including the above;

“Sensei, now at G7, and working as one of the drivers of some government’s delegation. In Kyoto, I had asked to drive some VIP’s delegation, and these may test for me. Now enjoying”.

I always say that “No high or low at the job. As far as you enjoy that position as is as you are, I am pleased and respect your smile”. But at the same time, I personally wondered why some got BA with expensive tuition and became like taxi drivers. This has been told by the other faculty as well.

But I was wrong. Masahiro kindly teaches me.

After entering a taxi company in Kyoto, Masahiro took one higher driver's license and can drive a long-range drive…