So long OMOTENASHI/Hospitality and too much algorithm

After easing state of emergency, the world is getting back to normal,, but “Can build back better?”

Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa
3 min readNov 15, 2021


Coaching from Sub Zero — fighting against COVID-19 with Zoom / Autumn-Winter 2021–22 / Week 7

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa

After the previous article on searching alpha (, we see more how people get back to normal, and huge “revenge” consumer activities all over the places. The more I see people get to back to the public space, the more I see too many cases where the quality of service at service industry have been damaged. Some top tier are OK, but we have many new staffs at the service industry who have not trained well, and just got advice only by manual, and I may be the only one who feel that we can not say “OMOTENASHI (Japanese way of hospitality)” are dead at many places.

I anticipated this symptom from the era of pandemic, but the situation are much worse than I expected(Hesitated to line up these terrible experience here).

At the hospitality industry, manual is important, but the real training can be achieved only through the real communication with customers. The higher quality the customer have, the higher level of services we can experience and the staff of that hospitality arm can get the great skill of how-to-handle.

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa @ Ginza Tricolore, Tokyo

Also, too much social media and analysis with algorithm get this situation worse.

AI is now a strong weapon and internet and social media are great infrastructure for our life. Most of Marketing exercise tends to analyze more customer’s behavior by multi parameter with algorithm. But we should remember that even Google started their search engine with this simple formula and they should update their algorithm so often.


Marketing tends to more algorithm, but do you think the whole life of person can be analyzed perfectly by algorithm?

I do not think so. Only God knows.

Moreover, the more AI advances, the more importance of “imagination” of real human can drive the world.

These observations also drive me to show the interest at human capital management/leading, rather than simple marketing analysis. Thanks to Nakagawa Zemi member, I have many opportunities to analyze and capitalize on how to proceed this human capital management in better way.

Class, let us prove this!



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