Shin (New) Corona is Shin Godzilla

<Unique decision-making process in Japan>

Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa
3 min readMay 15, 2020

Coaching from Sub Zero — fighting against COVID-19 with Zoom / Spring 2020 / Session 5

Source; Toho Cinema

After the long golden week, and it seems like already entering into Summer break for most college students. So dull mode spread into all classes, and I realize that I should stimulate my class deeply (not only to the global economy). Then setting the thesis of May as Case Study of “Japan”. This is not only for upgrading the class’s foresight but also for proper discussion at the recruiting interview.

Indeed kicked-off from the theme of “how to manage this COVID-19 contingency”.

Have you seen a great movie called “Shin (New) Godzilla”? For Japan, the best movie to watch is not Outbreak (1995;, nor China Syndrome (1979;, but this movie, which hit mega box-office sales in Japan, called Shin Godzilla (2016;, English name called “Godzilla Resurgence) should be THE must-see movie on this Coronavirus Pandemic. Why? Indeed Godzilla is not like COVID-19 which sneak into the human body but entered into Tokyo with mass destroy (fiction). But the whole process at Government system, forming…