Million reasons not to buy a car, for now,,

Then, when? And which?

Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa
4 min readDec 19, 2021


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Credit ; Hiro Nakagawa

Please allow me to tell my short story on car. It is not a status symbol, nor for a joy, but I had million reasons to buy at each case.

I never bought a car for my own, but for my family and had a good reason why I choose one.

Just before I came back from Hong Kong to Japan, I bought a car in Tokyo, well before I touched down to Tokyo, and kept in my new flat in Hiroo (Still enjoying to live here). The largest Lexus (GS) at that time. Reason? I might have chance to bring my sick and ill father from and to the hospital, which was a largest rational behind why I decided to go back to Japan and would like to let my father be comfortable on the back seat as much.

In April 2012, my father went to the God place, and took my mother and mother-in-law to Nagasaki where my parents had their origin, and took more than 2500 kilometers, for remembering my late father.

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa

From that trip, I always bring a photo of my late father with me wherever I go on globe.

During that trip I realize that I may have chance to do the same thing for my mother in the future.

This turned out to the next car at large SUV (RX), which would make easy to let my mother in to the car.

That worked, but next chapter came soon with dementia of my mother-in-law. After more than one year struggle for this issue, we could find a comfortable care house nearby my flat. After settling down there, I found another issue, too narrow road surrounding that house (Azabu Juban).

This encouraged me for another change to smaller SUV (NX) which made our life fitted.

Why only Toyota or Lexus? Small matter. Maiden name of my mother is Toyoda which has a same origin of family which make car in Nagoya. Small matter, but I always respect my mother’s wish.



Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa

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