Do you have a hot spot with good Feng Shui?

The value of Spot/Place; Find out where you get a good fortune

Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa


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Credit: Hiro Nakagawa at Napa Valley

As a deeper discussion of the previous article, I am extending this dialogue with trusted friends globally. Do you have any experience to get a good phone call or good text message when we visited a certain place or location? Sometimes at one corner of the Café or a certain seat at the bar of a favorite hotel? Yes, that place has the best value for you to get a great encounter with the new idea, new opportunities.

Yes, a hot Feng Shui spot exists for everyone.

When I came up to Hong Kong for the first time (the year 2002), I thought Feng Shui was just a superstition or kind of luck. But the more I learn Chinese culture, the more I understand that Feng Shui and Qigong are science and based on statistic research for more than 4 millenniums.

Also, do you believe we have two types of people; Who has good luck and the other does not? I have a strong objection to this opinion. Everyone has both and life is a zero-sum game to the end. Hence, I do not play gambling or any betting at all throughout my life, as I do not use my good luck to these betting; Reserving good one to real life.

Very simply, a lucky person tends to utilize good luck in an efficient way, hence most lucky people respect this “good Feng Shui” matter and get good “Qigong” through daily life.

My discussion extends to the next level;

1. If this good Feng Shui spot depends on each person’s preference? Or varied to the others.

2. If this hot Feng Shui exists even in on-line.

For point one, I have a strong opinion for Yea.

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa @ Four Seasons Hong Kong

One of my hot spots is a sofa corner of the Executive Floor of Four Seasons Hong Kong. This 45th-floor luxury has given me a great meeting and updating. Also without any pre-committed appointments, how many VIP I have…



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