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Coaching from Sub-Zero for post pandemic / Session 1, Spring 2023 (27th Feb 2023)

Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa


Credit; Hiro Nakagawa

The students of Junior (3rd grade of undergraduate) are now in the middle of battle field for job hunting.

In Japan, usually official trial for new graduates started from 1st March (nearly there!) but currently, already some corporate give the green-light to promising students at much earlier timing, through interns and business plan contests.

<Find your own word from your history>

At Nakagawa Zemi (my class, started from year 2013 and still going on ), we start to prepare the mind-setting and self-presentation ANYTIME when the students think it is their good timing to start with. But at the most cases, they cannot draw any words for their self-presentation.

Now as mentioned many times (even in Hawai’i), the inventory check exercise is to be started.

With a blank sketchbook, I initiate their inventory check to let them write down their history on what they did and what they did not, year by year; Yes, tried to find their decision-making process during their life. Interestingly, the key words are always IN their history, and my position is just to let them come up to the real wording at the sketchbook. I am just a facilitator and always try to use “their” words, not decorated by my words.

Now they are gradually recognizing how they “design” their own life.

At any world, we need not to have “certificate” to be a designer of your life? Nope. Life does not have any recipe and you are the driver of your life. Class, your life for real world has just been started and you can try and error at any time. This job hunting process is great opportunity to try to show up your life story, if you can survive and thrive in this tough competition. Please try to find your own roadmap.

Well, looking at my mentor’s article (Prof. Hirotaka Takeuchi), it seems I am stating the same thing. ((2021)

This is design-oriented process for life story. As Prof. Akimitsu Hirota mentioned at Design Thinking and human-centered design ((2020)



Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa

Street Economist / Strategist, Founder of Nakagawa Zemi/Lab