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The largest joy came from my Zemi member became lecturers at the next college

Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa
4 min readAug 8, 2022


Coaching from Sub Zero / Spring 2022, Session 2

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa @ Mauna Lani Resort, HI

The first chapter at the new college (YGU ( has just completed at Spring Session 2022, and now taking off in the Big Island. Always got a little nervous in the new stage, as my class is always a gig, but thanks to kind hospitality of the existing faculties, and very positive feedback from the classes, I am with much passion to improve more my courses.

Moreover, the largest achievement was with my apprentice which I taught at the previous college.

Credit; Nakagawa Zemi and Kanta Hirai @ YGU

First pitch was Kanta, now working as a young executive of professional basketball club, called Shibuya SunRockers. Proud to start at the low academic score at collage days, his very positive mental attitude has supported him to let him survive in the real world. His story strongly empowered the students and already invited to the other class hosted by Rugby Football Coach, where also Kanta could perform well enough to be invited soon. The coach kindly commented, “Kanta’s story fit what I am teaching to the team perfectly. Always started from the story of failure, and how to stand from the difficulty with toughness. Once tackled, always stand up immediately, which this coach tells the rugby football team members. Kanta was an athlete before and athlete language can reach easily to the athletes. As you may know, YGU is at one of the top notches as Athletes training, from junior high to college. It seems that Kanta the athletes worked.

Credit; Nakagawa Zemi and Chu Tong @ YGU

The second pitch was Chuy (Chu Tong), who graduated from Kyoto Gakuen, went to Master at Ritsumeikan, and now working at Recruit Holdings, the largest HR group in Japan (, an owner of Indeed as well). Given that YGU has large density of college students from the mainland China, I considered Chuy as a strong weapon to…



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