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What is a good Education? Shohei Otani answered at World Baseball Classic


Coaching from Sub-Zero for post-pandemic / Session 3, Spring 2023 (6th April 2023)

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa

Cherry Blossom in Japan is now full of its bloom and Inbound traffic for the Easter holiday is fully packed now all over Japan; Good for the recovery of the damaged Japanese economy.

Every year, we have an excellent invitation from Harvard Business School for Online Challenge and our Nakagawa Zemi enrolled at Tokyo Chapter in the year 2021. Literally, this is not for me, but purely for my Zemi member to get the opportunity to compete among 30 chapters globally. This gave us great results as Global Winner in 2021 and Final 5 in 2022!

Credit; HBSO Challenge Tokyo Chapter 2021

This year, we have a much deepen thesis with a short timeframe. Well, well, this gives us a great opportunity to consider “What is a good education?” (

During the discussion among our members, we have found two major findings:

1; Japan’s compulsory education has some value

This time, we should consider how to provide a good education platform to sub-Saharan Africa. Looking at Japan, if you are Japanese and Japan’s taxpayer, you can enjoy some certain level of education “for free” (regardless of quality) Japan has a compulsory education system from elementary to secondary (1st to 9th), and all public schools are free of charge. Also, different from other countries, Music, PE, Art, and Ethics classes are “mandatory” for all pupils. Also after COVID-19, all pupils can use tablets or PC at school, for free.

But,, the issues are all in Japanese. I have many comments on how to improve Japan’s education system (as stated many times), but thanks to socializing system, this system itself has this value, anyway.

Educated/Cultured is immunity.

This is the most vital term which I found during a pandemic. In the US and UK, we call it…



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