Talking about学歴/Academic Background/Budge — itself does not matter, but what you learn and materialize matters

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa at Takeda Shrine, Kofu, August 2021

Sex and the City the Movie in 2008 ( is my classic text for English lesson to the class. Some wordings are too straight-forward and x rated, but these are very simple and easy to understand. At the beginning, Carrie said “In New York, we came to get “love” and “label”, which well explained the fundamental desire of the people. Then, what is the “label”? I should say this topic may include 学歴, academic background, on which most of the people talk about and so many people do the business for mother who chase the better one for their children…

Recklessly and with agility

Credit; Kanta Hirai, photo by Hiro Nakagawa @ Value Create Inc. Nakano Broadway

Already explored at my previous article at, Kanta moved to Tokyo and explores his new world, Shibuya, with his humble and hungry spirits.

At project ALOHA (, I got great reason to be able to update with many old friends in person. At the last session was with Mr. Sato (called Sugar; Same Zemi, Same Club, Same Nomura and my be-loved SENPAI, and a founder of Value Create ( Spent 3 hours at his satellite office at Nakano Broadway (famous place for OTAKU globally), and topics were widely spread from business to the current dialogues globally. …

Lesson from project ALOHA

Credit; Takeuchi Zemi, photo by Hiro Nakagawa at Kapalua, Maui

On the early morning of August, I got a call from my mentor, Professor Hiro Takeuchi Sensei at Harvard Business School (at age of 74, still active at the classroom).

“Hiro, I got a wild idea, then I need your help. Please ally with Gagi”

I am 4th generation of Takeuchi Zemi alumni and Masayoshi (Gagi) Fujii is at 15th. Already 20 years have passed from graduation, but all 265 members of Takeuchi Zemi enjoy our company, like “extended” family. Most of us enjoyed a “Kapalua camp” after 20th anniversary at Sensei’s condo in Maui.

This COVID 19 pandemic prevents…

Tokyo Olympic became a game changer

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa @ Grand Hyatt Tokyo

I know we have pros and cons to this current Olympic. I was also not 100% pros to this event, especially at this timing, but we may find this event becoming the game changer to the next chapter of global society. The following story was explored at the home dining room at my lifelong mentor, Professor Hiro Takeuchi, still active at Harvard Business School and station in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.

Gagi, my junior friend and Takeuchi Zemi member, and I conducted interesting mission last weekend in Minami Aoyama. …

Great essay. I observe the most valuable point of Japan is "safety". We do not have School Bus, and at most of public elementary or secondary school has "walking commute"; This means that Japan is so safe and no need too much protection for kids. Lived in the US, UK and Hong Kong, and I never seen this at the different countries.

Nakagawa Zemi expanded to “Matured Version”, and now enjoying weekly Zoom and daily chat

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa @ Roppongi Hills, Tokyo


Thanks to Satomi, our tech team at HBSO Community Challenge Tokyo Chapter 2021 ( has very good chemistry to stimulate each other. Just one day before the re-stating the emergency in Tokyo area, we had a great wrap up in-person at Roppongi Hills.

Lesson from Shohei (Ops, not that Shohei. This Shohei is one of my problem children and fast-growing apprentices)

Credit; MLB, Los Angels Angeles
Credit; MLB TV, Los Angeles Angeles

From June, I am attending a Disruptive Strategy online course at Harvard Business School (HBS). (

Why? Now on you? Well Well Well,,

Pablo Picasso once said

Good artists copy,

Great artists steal.

Disruptive Strategy is famous framework by Professor Clayton (Clay) Christensen. I met him once before, but sadly he has moved to God’s place last year, after two times fight against cancer. I love to learn how HBS conduct 5 weeks course with Clay’s theory and eager to steal the essence.

HBS said that still ragged from the similar one at Stanford (Stanford LEAD, but contents and…

Happiness does not live only having alone, but will bloom when we try to share

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa

Came back home from two weeks stay in the Big Island, I found this bud came out from my happiness tree (dracaena). Yes, dracaena (we call “happiness tree” in Japan, Hong Kong and at least in Hawaii) may or may not have a chance to bloom once in 14 years or 15 years. This is much miracle than 17 years cicada boom now in the south side of the US. Literarily this was the second time in my life.

Physical and Mental health is not enough; Socially? Economically? We need these balanced and we can assess this theory to your company, and your society

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa @ Mauna Lani, HI

As discussed, at the previous article at (, I felt a huge gap between what I have seen at the Big island and my country, and moreover I became very healthy. Not only physically, I felt very healthy at every moment during my stay in Mauna Lani.

That area has plenty of native goats all over the place. Famous for their fecundity, their family circle are increasing year and year. Maybe no fatal natural enemy give them a heaven.

This year we see more than 11 troop of goats out there, and no one escape from the players. Hence, we…

Huge lesson from the Big Island, the largest ever — How my country is isolated (鎖国)

Credit Hiro Nakagawa @ Mauna Lani, HI

One week has passed from landing at Haneda airport, Still can not find a word on which I have watched and experienced in Kona, the Big island in Hawaii in early this month of May, then please allow me to set two session to explore with the facts which I found at this Part 1, and trying to figure out some action plans at the Part 2 later.

Gee, I thought Japan is ragged by this pandemic, but the reality is far bigger than I expected.

How I should do, What I should do for this? Usually I can summarize…

Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa

Visiting Scholar, Associate Professor, Kyoto University of Advanced Science, Visiting Professor, Kyoto Gakuen University, Owner of J.H. Partners Limited.

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