After easing state of emergency, the world is getting back to normal,, but “Can build back better?”

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa

After the previous article on searching alpha (, we see more how people get back to normal, and huge “revenge” consumer activities all over the places. The more I see people get to back to the public space, the more I see too many cases where the quality of service…

Lesson from my students, after the state of emergency

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa

At last, Japan eased the state of emergency on COVID 19 and gradually the traffic is coming back.

This week has a national holiday on 3rd Nov, and most of peoples are getting easy to take a little longer holiday (very healthy), and I am receiving some student’s visit from…

Very intelligent discussion with my mentor Hiro

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa @ Acqualine, Tokyo

Last weekend was an annual Takeuchi Zemi Golf and I am honored to be a chauffeur for Hiro Takeuchi sensei and his wife Nobu-san. 50 miles drive to the golf course are always my precious moment with lots of updating, sometime at very private topics. …

I may be trying both, and hybrid style

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa

As updating frequently, my exercise of Nakagawa Zemi are expanding gradually with lots of fun, and during these exercise, I am finding one of the key essence on how Coaching and Teaching are different.

As Professor Clay Christensen at HBS explained many times (, we should tell “how to do”…

Talking about学歴/Academic Background/Budge — itself does not matter, but what you learn and materialize matters

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa at Takeda Shrine, Kofu, August 2021

Sex and the City the Movie in 2008 ( is my classic text for English lesson to the class. Some wordings are too straight-forward and x rated, but these are very simple and easy to understand. At the beginning, Carrie said “In New York, we came to get “love” and…

Recklessly and with agility

Credit; Kanta Hirai, photo by Hiro Nakagawa @ Value Create Inc. Nakano Broadway

Already explored at my previous article at, Kanta moved to Tokyo and explores his new world, Shibuya, with his humble and hungry spirits.

At project ALOHA (, I got great reason to be able to update with many old friends in person. At the last session was with Mr…

Lesson from project ALOHA

Credit; Takeuchi Zemi, photo by Hiro Nakagawa at Kapalua, Maui

On the early morning of August, I got a call from my mentor, Professor Hiro Takeuchi Sensei at Harvard Business School (at age of 74, still active at the classroom).

“Hiro, I got a wild idea, then I need your help. Please ally with Gagi”

I am 4th generation of…

Tokyo Olympic became a game changer

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa @ Grand Hyatt Tokyo

I know we have pros and cons to this current Olympic. I was also not 100% pros to this event, especially at this timing, but we may find this event becoming the game changer to the next chapter of global society. …

Great essay. I observe the most valuable point of Japan is "safety". We do not have School Bus, and at most of public elementary or secondary school has "walking commute"; This means that Japan is so safe and no need too much protection for kids. Lived in the US, UK and Hong Kong, and I never seen this at the different countries.

Nakagawa Zemi expanded to “Matured Version”, and now enjoying weekly Zoom and daily chat

Credit; Hiro Nakagawa @ Roppongi Hills, Tokyo


Thanks to Satomi, our tech team at HBSO Community Challenge Tokyo Chapter 2021 ( has very good chemistry to stimulate each other. Just one day before the re-stating the emergency in Tokyo area, we had a great wrap up in-person at Roppongi Hills.

Masahiro (Hiro) Nakagawa

Professor (Non-Tenure), Yamanashi Gakuin University (from April 2022), Owner of J.H. Partners Limited.

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